Motivation for blog- a little storytime

After writing for a short period of time in WordPress and making continuous mistakes, I decided that the most well- known blogging platform,didn’t work for me.

I literally subscribed twice, with different proffesional plans and deleted my first blog 3 days before opening my second one that also had the same name.

I was about to qive it up but series and books made me to understand that I couldn’t stand quarantine without even being productive. I felt related with some characters and it felt frustrating watching what happened to them.

Before signing up to WordPress, I read many articles saying that you have to find a niche to follow but when I look up how to find mine I realized that I wouldn’t want to write about a specific topic even if I wrote 15 articles. Then, after reading again and again, I found Medium. It really sounded amazing. I trusted the quote:

Medium is not about who you are, it’s about what you have to say.

WELL.. YES! It sounded like a utopia. It really cathed my eye. It had everything I wanted described in just a proposal, because even if I wanted to write, niche was driving me crazy, plus, with what I’ve learned, you can have an annonymous voice. Being an antisocial teen spirit it sounded like heaven.

If you want to write too, nothing is keeping you away more than your own self. If you believe it, you can do it, no matter what. I know, it might sound a little bit cliche but it’s a fact. If you want it, you can do it.

I am verry happy to see all these spectacular people with so many stories and opinion that already catched my eye.

Introvert and shy but also crazy with friends, having political and social worries. ''No overthinking anymore'' wannabe.